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It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but one day, we will all die, we just don’t know when or how. Ultimately, we want our loved ones to be protected when we leave this mortal coil. There’s also the matter of being hit by illness or disability? Could we afford to live and how will our family be protected?

It might not be the most comfortable of subjects, but we believe that insurance planning – based on solid financial advice with a caring approach – is absolutely vital to protect ourselves and those who financially depend on us.

After all, we insure our cars, our mobile phones, jewellery, household appliances and our pets, it makes no sense not to insure ourselves.

At Earlswood, we are experts in life protection (or life assurance), income protection and critical illness cover, an absolute lifeline in the event of an unexpected event such as illness or an accident which stops you working and puts significant strain on your family and your lifestyle.

Planning your legacy

You have worked hard to build your wealth. What next? When you die, who do you intend to leave your hard-earned wealth to? For most people, the intention is to leave their legacy to their spouse and children. But, most people have not even got a will drawn up and if you do not have one in place, the government will step in and potentially decide for you who gets what.

Also, will your beneficiaries have to pay any inheritance tax (IHT), which will need to be settled before they can get hold of your estate? Inheritance tax planning and protecting your estate on your death is a vital part of any robust financial plan. It’s never an easy thing to consider, but ensuring loved ones are looked after even after their death is of paramount importance.

Inheritance tax planning – don’t leave it too late

IHT is a progressive tax and, therefore, the larger your estate, the higher the tax. In other words, the wealthier you are, the more IHT your loved ones may have to pay.

The main problem with IHT planning is that most people leave this right to the very end. At this point, it is either too late or very expensive to start sorting out. By reviewing this early, you can ensure your estate ends up in the right hands in the most tax efficient way possible.

At Earlswood, we will help you navigate this minefield of planning your legacy and structure your financial affairs to ensure you are able to utilise all the exemptions and reliefs available, making sure your estate is protected for complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on our:

  • Caring approach
  • Diplomacy
  • Market expertise
  • Tailored advice

Inheritance tax is, broadly speaking, a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue.
Lord Jenkins (1986)


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Dr K V

Waseem is a great communicator and goes far beyond what is expected to help his clients. When there were multiple different companies for my payment protection, he went through it all and explained all the different options.

He spent time helping me find the plan that suited my work needs. He is very responsive to emails and always makes the effort to talk through all the documentation.

Chris Corney, homebuyer, London E17

I used Waseem to arrange the mortgage on my home.

His experience was very useful in getting the right product for me without wasting any time. His personal attention throughout was much appreciated.

Sumeet Parmar

What I have enjoyed most about working with Waseem has been his patience and the feeling of not being pressured into any decisions.

Waseem takes the time to break down what he is advising and why he is advising it. He instills trust with his advice and I honestly feel like I am in safe hands.

Rita Patel

I would highly recommend working with Waseem, my expectations were met to a high standard. He is honest, reliable and trustworthy, regularly kept in touch to inform me of how things were progressing and made everything so easy to understand.

Waseem is a knowledgeable and professional financial adviser, he saved my family home and made my mother's retirement happen. I cannot thank him enough and give him 10/10.

Chris Corney, solicitor, Smithfield Partners Ltd

I have no hesitation in referring divorce and home-buying clients to Waseem for advice on mortgages and pensions. He is very approachable and talks to them in plain English.

He has the highest professional standards and I feel it reflects well on my reputation when I introduce people to him.

Amanda and Jackie Williams

Waseem was very constructive in the advice he gave us before we made our bridging finance application. He also kept us informed with the progress up to and including receipt of funds.

Subsequently, he provided sound advice regarding income protection and life cover.

We will work with him again, should the opportunity arise.